On December 1st 2020 we will be closing WPScan.io (the SaaS)

(We are not closing any of our other products or services, just the online WPScan.io SaaS!)

WPScan.io started life in 2015 when we contracted a Rails development company to create a SaaS web front end on top of our WPScan CLI tool. Unfortunately, at that time, we only had the budget to complete around 50% of the work, as we were still a community project making hardly any money.

The project sat in this half finished state for three years, until 2018, when we had a little bit more money to hire a freelance Rails developer.

After about 8 months work, we released WPScan.io in BETA on March 12th 2019.

The reason we are closing the service is that, unlike our other products and services, WPScan.io was not getting enough new paying users to be able to give the project our full attention.

We tried to tweak the pricing model, and give free scans away each month, etc. but nothing seemed to work at the scale it needed to.

Ultimately, we thought that it would be best to close the project rather than provide a service that was not being actively improved upon.

So good bye WPScan.io ❤

(P.S. This does not affect any of our other products or services!)

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